GDG Cloud DevFest 2019

GDG Cloud DevFest took place at Arfa Software Technology Park on the 28th of December 2019. Event started with an opening note by Muhammad Hassan Samee. The topics that were covered that day were as follow:

Introduction to GCP

Basic introduction of GCP. Its benefits, how you can create an account and use all the services for 1 year free of cost. Speaker explained all the services provided by GCP. How you can migrate your existing product to GCP.

Basic Of Machine Learning

The Speaker explained the basics of ML, How it's different from AI and Deep Learning, the basic structure of Neural Network how you can create one, How you can create your first basic Machine Learning application and How GCP handles ML.

GCP for WordPress Developer

The speaker gave a demo of WordPress website hosting on GCP, How to scale app resources.

Geek Girls Discussion

This was a panel discussion on the topic of Environment in Software Houses. How they can grow career in Freelancing. How to motivate them more toward Development.

Education 2.0 using AI

This was an import talk by Faisal Kamiran (CS dept ITU). He demonstrated what is AI, how it can help humans to assist their life. How it can be implemented in the Banking sector, Education Sector. Pros and Cons of AI. How is working on AI-related solutions.

A friendly Introduction To Kubernetes

Zero to Ninja introduction of Kubernetes. Why any app need Kubernetes, What are the microservices, Docker, Pods, Kubernetes Cluster. The speaker also showed the demo of app deployment from Scratch.


The Session included Tech talks on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Kubernetes, Education 2.0, Geek Girl Discussion from industry experts. This was a very beneficial session for all the beginners who wanted to step in cloud and ML. The GDG Cloud Lahore provided a good platform for Networking where I met lots of experts from different fields. Looking forward to more events like this.

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